Devine Exuberance: Support Interracial Unions To Support #TrueWhitePride

I am proud of being white. I am proud of whiteness. I believe that whiteness is so awesome and transcendent that it is not “canceled” or diluted by being mixed with another race.

I also believe that God created every race in his own image. I don’t know if God is white*, and I don’t care. To my mind, God created different races through a reality I term “Devine Exuberance”—every race is an expression of the divinity of God. The fact of your race doesn’t influence or degrade the fact that you were made in his image. Perhaps God created the different races to demonstrate that his image remains Devine in any race or color: this is what Devine Exuberance theory holds.

By the way, the vast majority of African Americans are at least 30% white by DNA; they are #AlsoWhite. Supporting #TrueWhitePride means including them in that pride.

Just saying.

*Mary was necessarily Jewish; Jesus, then, was/is at least 50% Jewish, racially. You cannot be a proud Christian and somehow also be antisemitic, then—obviously.

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