Not A Dog Dude, Me…

…but so not a female, either. Frankly, dog dude & female both misfit me so badly they’re just not right—regardless if I’m insulted, personally, or not…

…& then, the epiphany hit: I’m a cat. A boy-cat, a man-cat, to be sure; male. But I’m no kind of dog, dig? But, but—I has been stammering to myself in my mind—walking on four legs, carnivorous, etc.?!?

& then there was the answer; & then there was God, so suddenly: of course I am cat. Dogs write constitutions, write weather reports, write anything but scripture, poetry, declarations of their 13th Tribe.

& so, renewed & reborn having finally the solution—the final solution—to the Brian David question, in the web that is my own name I begin again.

Poet. Priest of the Incan Sun God Inti. Feline. Legend. Brian David Thedell-Luke Skywalker me. Pleased to meet you; I’ve finally guessed my name.

P.S. I can has cheezburger, nao?

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