Radio Poetry Supernova X

We hold these poems to be self-evident:

The shadow of a palm tree approaching noon is a poem;

Las lagrimas-—tears that flow to the ocean

For lost love are a poem;

Birdsong in dead of night,

A rooster at dawn and

A dog’s distant barking:

Each is a poem.

A lost child in a mall praying to find mother prays a poem.

A punchline of a joke, from a forgotten friend—suddenly remembered,

As if by ambush—is a poem.

Pleading eyes for hunger or lust

Or warmth plead a poem.

The arctic Aurora Borealis in smeared-sky rainbow;

The infinite disc-edge of a black hole;

The radiation soul-heat of the bang that was all big creation:

These each play in the top ten greatest hits, nightly, of this very station:

Radio Poetry Supernova X.