The Magnificent Praetorian Word Wonder

Phantom Phantasm and

Phantom within phantom,

Wonder wander word wand wild world,

As barren Swedish snow remains desert,

Sure as any in Asia or Africa.

(I work better under high contrast.)

Window sill and liquor still and be-still

My betraying heartbeat—I swear! I remain

Indifferent to my expanding fascination.

Still I go on to go on

…and on and on and on…

Let me follow you—riding—into your

Black Cherry Forrest

Mr. Wolf Majesty—

I read the sealed communique from

His Majesty’s Chihuahua envoy.

And we all know that

—I’m no kind of Faust!—

I am the Something more!

Word-wise: please,

Hit me with your best shot;

I’m every Duke, and too,

This is an appetizer to a white tiger

Deep from my poetry.

Come Fearful eye, come

And find me!

Chase me once

More! From…

…Station to station.