You, Whom I Saught

No matter where you are—

I still hear you when you—dream—

You sing out so very far

Your voice so bright—like a star—


All of our tomorrows rushing up—

Every tomorrow:

I spark, kindle, sparkle

BURN—I—spark myself up

Just for you.

I light my heart ablaze and

Through every torched moment

I pray to God that you see it,

That you feel me burning beneath

Your bed sintering under your feet.

Love—let my heartbeat form a

Marriage pyre for when you say

“I might” for when you might hope

To hear me say “Do, I—do, I—love you do—”

For while my every heartbeat

Bears God’s name, he has them

On loan—from you—

Can God make a heart he cannot win?

I can never be certain—except I know

Already you—my Lord—hold the title

And the name and word.

Whatever contract or arrangement you and

God may found yourselves making

—beyond me—

God now would never dare

—I know! I dared him!—

To claim title to my soul or heart.

You, Iron Lord of my Soul—

You, Governor of my Heart and

Priest of my tomorrows.

I, your Poet—

Me, a Priest of Nothing—

Beg you—

And I wait still—

For you, My Lord—

To finally begin—

To make us—

To make me your—