Stealth Technology and Trans Medical Science are both merely definitive examples…

…of Deconstruction (via Science in this case), as the emergent engine of how we understand and order our world today, as Civilization growing beyond its superficial self preconceptions.

I’ve understood and joyfully embraced this reality of the now when I learned about it at UCI. When I was 19. In 1996. So—yes.

Turing was right all along. Being Turing Complete to the actual in place test is all that ever could matter.

& If You Didn’t Know, Now…

Yes. I am already become First Patriarch Of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of The 13th Tribe.

I can’t, won’t and don’t—I was struck down in 2013 & less than a decade layer I am still here, more powerful than even I could have imagined.

Hyperboria Obi Wan G. J. Man, me.

Pleased to meet you. We have already begun. It’s done been later than you think, Nazi Revivalists. Play with Chosen Northern Fatherland Fire, and once my Righteous 13th Tribe Fusion blast zone reaches you, the last sound you’ll hear is as I hold my dick and snicker. Be afraid. You should be.

Love, the Lead General from the Great War In Heaven.