Watch “Hole – Violet (Official Video)” on YouTube

Hating #AppropriateGirls and #PagentWinners was a bold new frontier established by Gen X Riot Gurl revolutionary via this album. Those females #SleepWithTheEnemy instead of Raging against male white corporate oppression. Por supuesto. Live Through This lyrics were part of MY teenage sentimental radicalization.

Also, “and the sky was made of Amathyist”—goddammit Kayla, why are poetesses like you & her effortless masters of color poetry!!! I remain beyond jealous OF YOU BOTH FOR THAT.

Watch “Geek U.S.A. (Remastered)” on YouTube

Billy often writes anthems for a certain Riot gurl or another he has in mind; this song is an outstanding example. Another instance as well of Gen X #MaleClassyness

“She really loves to play…we’re really loving USA!!!”

Watch “Lucky You” on YouTube

Most love songs by The National—like this one—are about a man admitting unconditional surrender to a Riot gurl.

Perhaps, the why and how of M. B.—my soul brother in poetry/poesis. Also, Gen X #ClassyManhood. God, I love them forever because of that.