Please Note: The Female Modality Of The Force…

…isn’t about Light versus Dark nor Good versus Evil; its center and energy is about Showing Up prevailing over Giving Up—Civilization over extinction.

This is why Leia just had certain Force Powers, while Luke had to train for them.

See also, Brian David (me) contrasted by Lisa Alice, my sister.

Also see also: only males are Rabbis, in a Spiritually matriarchal social tradition (i.e. Jewish Classic).

Also, also see also: Priesthood executive power, Relief Society Congressional Control—O.G. Brigham Young Mormon social tradition.

The current Salt Lake City, Utah LDS executive power structure doesn’t need to be solved, but dissolved.


#DevineExuberance dissolves #MarkOfCainMyth

#SawyerHawkinsDanceNights are pro-creation & pro-life praxis, and would profoundly help #MakeMormonismSacredAgain

#YesAllChosenPregnanciesAreSacred—why can’t LDS Church Policy #SupportAllWombBearers ? It is the spiritually Righteous thing to do. Funding #TransMalePreNatalCare relates to helping #MakeMormonismSacredAgain

Trans-Cis Gay mixed Male couples are often hetrosexually reproductive unions; as long as all other non-traditional martial unions are open to adoption or foster parenting, these unions merit the Sanctity of Temple Marriage, if we are truthful and sincere about wanting to #MakeMormonismSacredAgain


P.S. scientific research into preserving Trans Female fertility through her lifetime is how Trans-Cis mixed lesbian marriages could one day become potentially hetrosexually reproductive unions. Just saying.