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…I’m thinking The National

…I’m thinking, “Dark Side Of The Gym”…

…is us, to me. 😉

Mormon Calamity: The Apostasy Of The LDS Church’s Position On Transgender Science

As of this writing, February 2022, medical science—and so science generally—has come to terms with the valid reality of transgender individuals. That those persons have a gender preceding the gender or sex of their bodies necessarily means that medical science has to accept the scientific fact of the soul.

Let me clarify: transgender medical science is where and how modern Western Civilization admits that the soul is a real, tangible part fundamental to human reality.

Thus, as the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (the LDS church) still insists—as of this writing—that transgender persons are wrong, are sinners, are invalid, etc., it only proves that the LDS church and its leadership exist in a state of apostasy.

While official LDS dogma already enables wilful evil vis-a-vis “the mark of Cain” and gay marriage, its position on transgender identity prohibits the church from fully advancing the spiritual reality that the soul is fundamental to individual identity—an ontological tenant central to long-held LDS beliefs, both culturally and institutionally.

As for me and my soul, personally: the three issues outlined above—the mark of Cain, gay marriage, and transgender persons’ rights—must be fully corrected in official LDS dogma, their current implied mandates relegated to history; only then can I—in good conscience as a spiritual advocate—support, rejoin, or even accept as valid the institution of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints, as currently led and headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Indeed, how can the LDS church support Trans male pregnancies & heterosexual gay marriage, without fundamentally embracing modern science’s understanding of the soul, as exemplified by transgender medicine.

—Brian Thedell, February 5th 2022, San Diego California

I hooked up with Dumbledore’s Ex from wizard college…

Yes, he’s Trans, no he doesn’t have a dick—but oh! What he does with his wand..!

Apparently, there are whole books full of spells to manipulate a man’s body sexually; most are known only to gay/bi wizards; I’m not sure some of them could be cast by a woman. But Frinksmorph, goddammit, he used them on me. (GOD I hope he cums again soon 😉

And his big, show stopping finale for our night? He cast a spell to top me with my own dick. It’s cool—it was returned to my body by morning and, well, I’m pretty sure he’s a better top with my dick than I am.

I’m kinda like into dom wizard guys now frankly. #DontTellRowling

New Poems After “Kroniton Sorcerer’s Spellbook”

“California” was a response to “Howl” and “The Kroniton Sorcerer’s Spellbook” is a response to “Duino Ellegies”…

…my next chapbook, “Poesis With Attitude”* shall be a response to Rimbaud’s symbolism classic “A Season In Hell”.

*working title; not necessarily the final title… in fact, I doubt that will be the published, final title. 😉