Letter From Balboa Park: Necessary Truths On History, Heaven, & God

1) Lucifer’s original complaint—that God’s children should not be cast into a capricious and grace-confouning “test” which resembles a rigged video game where only failure has—and uses—cheat codes: this was true.

2) Lucifer’s solution—essentially Devine fascism—was more metaphorically instructive than literally usable or just. For the record, before Lucifer escalated his cause into a war in Heaven that he deserved to lose, I would have helped him in a more Heavenly Supreme Court style, force God to let us cone up with a new, synergistic solution.

3) A war in Heaven was at least as reprehensible as the shortcomings that Lucifer pointed out in God’s plan. Once the situation escalated to war, I had no choice but to abandon support of Lucifer, and reluctantly I joined Heaven’s National Guard, so to speak.

4) That Lucifer’s war was indefensible neither pardons God for all souls lost to his folly, nor to the sacrifice and eternal deprivation of my younger brother in Heaven, Jesus Christ (and his actual+ followers).

5) Since my work last year: “Poetry Supernova 1976”, all my poems—romantic, spiritual, political, & personal—have first and foremost been part of MY mission on this Earth, as I have come to understand it. I write to provide the sentimental spiritual education of souls in this current Era, and all time hence. While scripture provides vital historical context, anyone who can register the poesis of my writing, can learn and—if necessary—heal spiritual blindness. Like my Grandpa Arnie Thedell was an optometrist, my poetry is a spiritual corrective for those whose spiritual sight is restricted or otherwise distorted. Falsely self-assured mistakes of insight (see my recent essay on LDS transphobic policy) is this the greatest spiritual threat of this Era. The folly of these misguided visions far excells Lucifer’s Kingdom of Outer Darkness; they are grave spiritual-social pandemics.

4)The corrective poesis of my writing is how spiritual medicinal art makes the patient feel gratified for intervention. Do no harm is not radical enough; healing builds spiritual self-reliance is my spiritual medicinal creed, as a writer and poet.

5) Art is long; my poesis truth is absolute, but I am only a man—one man. I do sometimes sin; I often regret; I nearly daily puzzle at how this sacred broken world sustains me but seems unredeemed. I am certain I have already healed and helped more than I’ll ever understand. I will never forgive Lucifer nor God; Lucifer was my older brother. Both Jesus Christ and Greg David are my actual younger brothers—how they both misunderstood me until too late is precisely why I can never forgive God my father, nor Lucifer the only brother ever as smart as me. I have been left to testify alone in the faith that I can help lead this world beyond Heaven and its broken Sacred core; as children of God and veterans of the war in Heaven, we all deserve as much. To Echo Dr. Martin Luther King—Heaven wrote checks to each veteran soul, checks of spiritual fulfillment it cannot honor. I must guide all who want to hear how to make anew the wealth that, as children of God, we are capable of making.

6) Like Harry Potter, each of our souls must create alone a sacred Patronis, fortified in an idea of our father, God, that he obviously couldn’t fulfill himself. I don’t believe each can do this; I know as fact each of us can.

7) Finally—if not for me, do it for yourself; do it for love and future; do it for world.

Love, Brian David Thedell-Luke Skywalker, February 11, 2022