21st Century Mormon Worldview: Sawyer Hawkins Dance Night

The Mormon Church should start hosting “Sawyer Hawkins” gay dance events. The dances are explicitly for gay male couples only, inviting all young gay Trans men to invite any cisgender gay young Mormon man they choose.

Trans men have wombs, and—because of Trans biological science—Trans men are capable of carrying a child to term; while not pregnant, though, they present as male. Importantly, to their potential Mormon gay cisgender partners, they are sexually male.

If you value conservative reactionary politics above all else—including procreation—my idea is evil. If you value procreation and two-parent child rearing above all else, my idea is a clever science/transgender “hack” to encourage cisgender young gay Mormon men to participate in hetrosexually reproductive gay marriages.

Oh, and yes, I think the Mormon Church should be open to marry any hetrosexually reproductive couple in a Mormon temple, including gay hetrosexually reproductive couples.

But then, I also believe the Mormon Church should offer explicit prenatal care and support to Trans men; the church should explicitly, through both funding scientific research and through political and social normalization, support yes all Trans male pregnancies, because yes all pregnancies are valid and Sacred. #SupportAllWombBearersPregancies

P.S. BEFORE anyone whines, “breastfeeding?!?”—I was raised on formula; children of women who cannot produce enough milk are raised on formula. Carrying a child to term and sustaining the baby after birth is more important than semantics that result in never having the child in the first place. The mantra “breast milk is best” should not become a cop out to shirk the possibility of having cisgender gay Mormon men participating in fatherhood. In that vein, gay transgender young men from any faith (or indeed, from an atheist background) should be welcome to participate in Sawyer Hawkins dances. Potentially reproductive unions are important beyond any other concern. I wonder indeed, if liberal Muslim traditions wouldn’t also welcome my idea. As a 45 year old cisgender gay man who has been around the block, I can promise you: young gay cis Mormon men will find out that many young gay Muslim Trans dudes are hot.

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